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News and information about the SW Calgary Ring Road project

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News and information about the SW Transitway project

Oakridge Coop Phase 3 Engagement

Calgary Co-op has recently opened their online engagement opportunity on the City’s website. This is Phase Three of their interactions with the Community, and they have made a number of changes in their designs based on feedback they have received. You can review these changes here.

If you follow this link, you will be able to comment directly to the File Manager on a number of topics within the framework. This opportunity is available until the end of August.

For more information about the overall process, please remember my blog has an overview file, about who is responsible for decisions at each level, available here.


Sincerely,  Brian

Brian Pincott Councillor, Ward 11 The City of Calgary Phone: 403-268-5056 Fax:        403-268-8091 Email: Web:

Oakridge rain garden update – November 2015

Rain garden construction is ongoing and we are pleased to let you know the issues with the playground drainage have been resolved. A drain has been installed in the playground on the south side of the rain garden to move excess stormwater away from the playground and into the rain garden. Water will no longer pond inside the gravel, creating a dryer environment for children to play.

The rain garden itself has been excavated and all underground infrastructure has been installed. This infrastructure includes a perforated pipe positioned at the bottom of the garden to collect excess water that will be filtered by garden layers and plant roots. The water will then flow into the stormwater system back to the river. All layers of drainage rock and sand have also been installed and the top soil layer will be installed by the end of October.

Rainy conditions late this summer have resulted in ground conditions being extremely soft and saturated, making it difficult for the contractor to work every day. We still expect the project to be complete by the end of the month; however, there is a possibility planting will need to be deferred to next year. This decision will be made by the end of October.

If planting is not completed this fall, it will happen next spring. After planting, the curb cut on Oakland Road will be finished to move stormwater runoff from the street into the rain garden.

Also weather-dependent is the timing of laying the sod on the tobogganing hill. If the sod hasn’t had enough time to establish before the snow falls, this area will be fenced for this winter only. Otherwise, a snow fence will be set up in the smallest possible area to protect the rain garden over the winter.

For more information about rain gardens please visit or call 3-1-1.

Ring Road information sessions

On November 18, City Administration is bringing a report to Council’s Transportation and Transit Committee on the southwest portion of the Ring Road. The report is expected to include the recommendations resulting from the Council-directed Traffic Review and an overall project update.

Prior to that Committee date, The City will be hosting three public information sessions in late October and early November. The information sessions will provide an update on The City’s work as it relates to the Southwest Calgary Ring Road (SWCRR):

  • Updates on the design progress for the connections from Calgary’s roads
  • Recommendations for any changes to the neighbouring streets and intersections based on the Council-directed Traffic Review


The Government of Alberta is also attending all three information sessions to address questions and comments about the SWCRR itself. Here are some more details about the events and what you’ll see:

Info Session #1
Tuesday, October 27, 5-8 p.m.
Southland Leisure Centre (second floor pool viewing area), 2000 Southland Dr. SW

What you’ll also see:

  • An update on the Southwest Transitway project (planning phase)
  • An update on the ENMAX work as it relates to the SWCRR (construction phase)

Info Session #2
Thursday, October 29, 5-8 p.m.
Bethany Chapel (front foyer area), 3333 Richardson Way SW

What you’ll also see:

  • An update on the Southwest Transitway project (planning phase)
  • Information on the 37 Street S.W. storm trunk project (construction phase)

Info Session #3
Wednesday, November 4, 6-9 p.m.
Bishop O-Byrne High School common area, 333 Shawville Blvd SE

What you’ll also see:

  • Information on the future Providence Development (planning phase)


If you are unable to attend these events, the information will be provided online at during the week of October 26.

ENMAX Ring Road update

Ring Road Projects Update – September 29, 2015

ENMAX SW Calgary ring road open house

Alberta Transportation has started planning for the construction of the SW portion of the road that will complete the Calgary Ring Road. The completion of the SW Calgary Ring Road (SWCRR) requires the relocation of several utilities that are directly impacted by the road construction. The Province is working collaboratively with the impacted utility companies to help facilitate their planning and design.

The road design for the SWCRR conflicts with existing transmission infrastructure. Alberta Transportation has requested ENMAX Power to relocate its transmission lines away from the road alignment and into the new Power Line Component of the newly established Transportation Utility Corridor (TUC) along the SWCRR.

To keep stakeholders informed of proposed projects in their community, enclosed is an information package on the proposed project, open house date and contact information. Residents directly adjacent to the project will be personally contacted.

ENMAX open house:

Date: Wednesday, October 7, 2015
Location: Southland Leisure Centre – Pool Viewing Area
Time: 4:00 – 8:00 pm

More information:

AUC Public Involvement Brochure
SWCRR Transmission Newsletter

ENMAX Substation 

Dear Oakridge Residents:

My office has heard from a number of residents asking about blue fencing and work that is taking place west of Oakridge, just west of the pathway. This is an ENMAX project related to the movement of the ENMAX substation, that was approved in May, to accommodate the construction of the Ring Road. The new location of the ENMAX substation is in the SW corner of South Glenmore Park, just north of 90th Avenue SW on the edge of the 37th street alignment.

ENMAX had intended to notify adjacent properties and put up signs in the area. However, there was an error and this did not occur. Notification is currently underway.

To accommodate this new substation, ENMAX is required to relocate underground distribution lines and are constructing 2.3 km of underground concrete duct bank from 90th Ave SW to 37 Street SW.  Distribution cables will not be run through these duct banks until 2017.

The construction will take place in sections along the existing pathway during the summer and fall in both 2015 and 2016. The construction sites will move south as each piece is completed. Access points will be made through the fence to allow park users to cross over the trench at mid-way points.

Brian Pincott, Councillor, Ward 11

Responsible Dog Ownership in Parks and Pathways 

Parks is updating and removing sign clutter, but The City’s bylaws aren’t changing. City parks are for everyone to enjoy; it’s up to pet owners to get familiar with their responsibilities of dog ownership.

Please remember that the Responsible Pet Ownership bylaw is still in effect:
• Pets must remain on-leash and at least five metres from all playgrounds, pathways and sports fields.
• Pet owners must pick up after their pooch, too!

Parks strives to provide and maintain high-quality parks and pathways, which includes streamlining signage to enhance the park environment. Should you identify a trouble spot in your community, please notify 311.

For more information, visit the City of Calgary’s website.

Calgary Board of Education (CBE) Update

The CBE is hosting three Open Houses for New Schools opening in 2016 and Modulars being installed in 2015. Click Here for dates and locations. For further information, contact Wendy Lauzon at 403-817-7253.

Oakridge Rain Garden

The City of Calgary is pleased to announce that a rain garden will be constructed in the community of Oakridge in 2015. This garden will replace the gravel pad located on the corner of Oakwood Dr SW and Oakland Rd SW.

Stormwater, or runoff, is water that runs from your property down the street into the storm drains, and eventually travels into our creeks and rivers. Most stormwater that washes into Calgary storm drains goes straight into the river — untreated. With this in mind, The City of Calgary is retrofitting existing communities with stormwater treatment technologies such as rain gardens. The community of Oakridge is a priority, as the stormwater flows directly to the Glenmore Reservoir untreated.

For the past few months, The City project team has consulted with the Oakridge Community Association to gain support for the rain garden project. Together we have ensured that existing park features such as the soccer field, children’s park and tobogganing hill will remain and residents can continue to enjoy these once the construction of the rain garden is complete. Construction is scheduled to begin in June, with an estimated completion date of October 2015.

About Rain Gardens
Rain gardens are landscaped features designed with an aesthetic appeal and engineered to help treat stormwater before it returns to our creeks and rivers. They collect stormwater and slowly filter the water prior to it re-entering the stormwater system. They can be designed to complement the surrounding area; landscaping can accommodate a number of different styles, with various types of plants, to ensure each rain garden is well-suited to the local environment.

Learn More
The City will take part in various community events throughout the spring and summer months to allow residents an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the community rain garden. Come visit us on Saturday, April 25, 2015 at the Green Calgary Rain Barrel Sale (First Calgary Financial 70- 2580 Southland Dr. SW) to get your first look at the rain garden design. Also, keep your eyes on the Oakridge community newsletter for other event dates The City will be attending. Please visit or call 311 for more information.

Secondary Suites

City Council has requested administration to report back about possible changes to the Land Use Bylaw to allow secondary suites in R1 areas located in Wards 7, 8, 9 and 11. The changes would eliminate the need for single family home owners to apply for a Land Use Redesignation, which typically takes six months before City Council reviews the application during a regular public hearing.

Secondary suites include those within a house, such as a basement suite, as well as those separate from a house, such as an above-garage suite or a garden suite.

These proposed Land Use Bylaw amendments will likely be brought to the Calgary Planning Commission in March 2015. Then, a City Council public hearing is expected to take place in late spring before a decision is made.

Information on Secondary Suites can be found at:
Councillor Brian Pincott’s Website Post
City’s Website Page
Calgary City News Blog


Ring Road Update

From: Matthew O’Connor, VP Civic Affairs, Oakridge Community Association
To: Oakridge Community Members,

In October of 2014 the OCA (Oakridge Community Association) sent an email to our email list of 347 names, as well as our printed newsletter distributed to 2500 addresses.

The goal was to get a well-rounded wish list for ring road mitigation steps – how can we work with the city, province and federal government to ease the impact on Oakridge? We received 15 responses, which were well thought out and representative of the feedback we have been hearing throughout:

Park Access. Pedestrian overpasses or tunnels – designed to match the surrounding area.
Dog Park. Maintain this area and have it designated as park area.
Noise. Something similar to a sound wall (living sound wall, berm, trees, hedges lower/higher road grade).
View. Decorative solutions (living sound wall, trees, hedges, stylized overpass/underpass).
Speed. Keep speed to a 50 km/h limit on 90th avenue, install speed bumps/
Park Area. Designate right-of-way area as park areas (and other vulnerable areas)/
Bike Lanes. Add bike lanes on 90th Avenue and Southland Drive (other areas that will see an increase in traffic too).
Southland Drive Connector. Eliminate, or, raise lower grade. 50 km/h speed limit. Make visually appealing.
90th Avenue Connector. Eliminate, or, raise lower grade. 50 km/h speed limit, speed bumps. Make changes visually appealing.

According to the 2014 Civic Census about 5,650 residents call Oakridge home. The ring road project will affect every one of these people and because of that it is a passionate issue to many. It is with this in mind we have compiled the feedback for consideration.

When people make the decision to live in Oakridge they do so because of all the things the community has to offer. Many of these amenities are connected with the natural beauty of the surrounding parks and green spaces. We would like to see Oakridge and the city grow, but not at the cost of all the things that brought us here in the first place.

For the most part, the residents of Oakridge have come to the understanding that the ring road is part of a growing city and is something that is required. Working with the city to find solutions that will lessen the impact to the immediately adjacent communities is something that we would like to see happen.

By taking into consideration the suggestions outlined by residents, the ring road can be something that leaves a lasting legacy in Oakridge; something that will allow our community to maintain its identity.

More information on the Ring Road may be found through the City:
Ring Road Pamphlet
Ring Road Updates

With sincere regards,
Matthew O’Connor, VP Civic Affairs,


Below are links to the Ring Road information:
Take a Drive on the Southwest Ring Road: Link to Alberta Transportation YouTube
Link to Alberta Transportation website: Southwest Calgary Ring Road.
Southwest Calgary Ring Road Project General Overview Plan 


Calgary Board of Education (CBE) Future Planning

From: CBE Communications

The Calgary Board of Education is experiencing unprecedented growth. The demand for schools in new and developing communities, as well as additional space in existing schools, pose a significant challenge. During our public engagements, stakeholders have demonstrated their desire to learn how CBE prioritizes new school construction, major modernizations of existing buildings, and requests for modular classrooms. In the spring of 2014 CBE engaged the public to establish ranking criteria for all capital projects.

Annually in the spring, CBE develops a Three-Year School Capital Plan. It contains detailed information on student enrolment, utilization rates, and requests for funding for modernizations and new school construction. Similarly, each fall, CBE develops a Modular Classroom Plan detailing the need for modular classrooms throughout the system. Funding for all school capital projects is determined and approved by the Government of Alberta based on each school board’s capital plan and modular plan.

We would be pleased to have you share the links to these important documents with your community. We believe all residents, whether or not they are connected to our schools, may have an interest in the content. We are committed to transparency as we work to accommodate all students in an environment that ensures the Calgary Board of Education is the dynamic learning community of choice.

CBE 2015 – 2018 Three-Year Capital Plan
CBE 2015 – 2016 Modular Classroom Plan

If you have any questions, please contact CBE Planning & Transportation at 403-817-7227.


ENMAX Proposed Substation

From: ENMAX Corporation, Dennis Elias, Director, Stakeholder & Aboriginal Relations
To: Oakridge Community Members
Subject: ENMAX Power – Proposed Substation – Ring Road

I’d like to advise the Oakridge Community Association that ENMAX Power Corporation (ENMAX) is proposing to construct a new substation (Substation 35) to be located at the end of 90th Avenue SW in the southwest corner of Glenmore Park.

Substation 35 is required because Alberta Transportation has requested ENMAX relocate an existing substation (Substation 30 – located on Tsuu T’ina Nation land) to accommodate the Calgary Ring Road. Click Here for details.

ENMAX has also advised the Weaselhead/Glenmore Park Preservation Society and the Cedarbrae Community Association and will be personally engaging residents directly adjacent to this proposed substation starting on Thursday, November 6th.

If you would like to meet with ENMAX to discuss more fully, we would be pleased to do so.

Dennis Elias, Director, Stakeholder & Aboriginal Relations, ENMAX Corporation

E-mail: Web:
Phone: 403-514-3385  Cell: 403-689-6211  Fax: 403-514-3414

141 – 50 Ave SE Calgary, AB T2G 4S7


Weaselhead/Glenmore Park Preservation Society—Call to Action

From: Lisa Dahlseide, Weaselhead/Glenmore Park Preservation Society

The Weaselhead Preservation Society urges citizens to ask the province for a (ring Road) design that will reduce the impacts on this valued area. For more information, Click Here.

Please note the above communication is not from the OCA and is not a directive of the Board.


Responsible Pet Ownership in Parks

With autumn in the air, dog owners still enjoy being outside and enjoying time with their family, friends and pets.  Knowing and adhering to the regulations in the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw 23M2006 helps to ensure that dogs are not being a nuisance in the community and dogs and citizens are safe.

 Animal & Bylaw Services would like to remind dog owners of the following:

  • When off of their owner’s property, dogs must be on a leash unless in a designated off-leash area.
  • When in designated off-leash areas, dog owners must ensure their dog is under control, is within their sight and responds to commands.
  • Parking lots adjacent to off-leash areas are on leash.
  • Owners are responsible for picking up all waste produced by their dog.
  • Dogs are not allowed in school grounds, playgrounds, sport fields, golf courses, cemeteries, wading and swimming areas, and other areas prohibited by signs.
  • Dogs must be walked on the right hand side of the pathway on a leash that is no more than two metres in length and must not interfere with other pathway users.
  • Owners cannot cycle, in-line skate or skateboard on a pathway with a leashed dog.
  • Dogs must not enter or swim in any body of water within a park except a river that runs through, or is adjacent to, a City park.

When we respect the bylaw we contribute to a safer and healthier community. For more information about the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw, visit or contact 311.


Louis Riel School Has New Designation

As of September 2014 our neighbourhood school, Louis Riel, has a new designation. Louis Riel will become the Science Alternative and GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) school for SE and SW Calgary.

Nellie McClung will become the neighbourhood elementary school for regular programming for Oakridge children and John Ware, the designated junior high school. Please call Louie Riel at:
403-777-7650 or Nellie McClung at 403-777-8622 for more information.


Memo Re: New Canada Post Delivery System

Date: May 12, 2014
To: Oakridge Residents
From: Oakridge Community Association

As you are aware Canada Post is switching its delivery system from individual mailboxes to community mailboxes. The community association is aware of the concerns that many of you have and are working with the city to ensure the impact is minimal.

At this point Canada Post’s plan is moving forward, so the best option we have is to work collaboratively with Canada Post. The Board will stay on top of this issue and as information surfaces we will get it out to the community in a timely fashion.

As of now there is no firm date for when Oakridge can expect the change, but offers a place to ask questions and join in on an online forum where you can share your comments.

Sincere regards,
Matthew O’Connor, VP of Civic Affairs, Oakridge Community Association.


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