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SouthWest Communities Resource Center

You can make a difference! This Christmas keep your donation local.

Consider purchasing a grocery gift card for one of your neighbours who is going through a difficult time. Did you know that in 2018 the SouthWest Communities resource center helped more than 3700 people who came through our doors?

Yes it is true. 1 in 10 residents in SW Calgary are living in poverty and there are families in our communities who continue to struggle with Calgary’s economic recession

We are located in the Oakridge Coop Plaza on Southland Drive and we provide support for vulnerable children and parents in 28 communities south of Glenmore Trail.  Thousands of our neighbours live at or below the poverty level and struggle to place nutritious and regular meals on their plates. At the SouthWest Communities Resource Centre, we believe that every member of the community is valuable and together we can make a difference.  The next time you are purchasing groceries, consider picking up an extra gift card for a family in need this Christmas.    

  • A gift of $25.00 will buy milk and bread over the holidays for a family of 4  
  • A gift of $50.00 will buy meat and vegetables to serve a family of 4
  • A gift of $100.00 will allow a family to purchase groceries for their holiday celebrations
  • A gift of $250 will make the holidays of small gifts and groceries.  


To make a donation:

  • Drop by our office and receive a charitable tax receipt for any donation of $25.00 or more
  • Visit our website for an online donation & receipt:  www.swcrc.ca 
  • Contact our office for more information at 403 238-9222 or email us at info@swcrc.ca 

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seniors H!P Photo Seniors are valued members of our society. They are the carriers of history who have shared their knowledge and wisdom and who have helped to lay the foundations of modern society. They are often beloved members of our family—our grandmothers and grandfathers, our aunts and uncles, our parents, and other relatives. They are our former teachers and sports coaches. They are our neighbors and friends. They are retirees and veterans who dedicated themselves, through hard work and military service, to help ensure freedom, liberty, and a promising outlook for future generations.

The significance of supporting seniors in your community extends beyond an expression of kindness. The Celebrate Spring event, coordinated by h!p in collaboration with Bow Cliff Seniors, not only expresses heartfelt appreciation for our elderly citizens, but is an important form of outreach that engages seniors in an impactful way. Help h!p to Celebrate Spring by donating a treat, homemade craft, or handwritten card, which will be passed on to a senior as a personalized expression of gratitude and friendship. This simple gesture fosters important social ties and helps to build trust, connection, and participation in the senior population with their surrounding community. Building meaningful connections has been proven to stimulate happiness and health—essential elements for all of us to live a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle.

There are many ways to reach out, assist, and show your appreciation and respect toward seniors, not only through designated agencies and coordinated activities, but through personal acts of support toward an elderly neighbor or friend. It can be as simple as volunteering to shovel snow from their driveway or offering a helping hand with challenging yard work. It can be walking their dog during the winter months or stopping by for a friendly visit and a cup of tea. You can also contribute to the elderly community while doing something that you love. For example, if you play the piano or violin, you can reach out to local nursing homes about opportunities to play at a residence for a special occasion or on a regular basis. By finding a way to assist seniors in your community, you may be able to make a valuable difference in a person’s life.

H!p encourages you to show support and appreciation of seniors by taking part in our Celebrate Spring event. Contact h!p to find out more on how you can get involved at hip@shaw.ca. H!p also wants to hear about how you engage with elders in your community and express gratitude, respect, and consideration toward these valued members of our society. Send us a piece of cherished life advice or a special anecdote you learned from an elder. And don’t forget to post your thoughts on the h!p Facebook page!

Written for h!p by Jackie Larkin

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