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Oakridge Community Association Contact Information

Oakridge Community Centre

9504 Oakfield Drive SW, Calgary, Alberta T2V 0L1
Telephone: 403-238-0007 Fax: 403-238-1115

The business office is open 8 am – 4 pm, Monday to Friday.
Evenings and weekends, the Centre is open for programing and events.
Maintenance staff are on site, however, are not always in the arena office.

General Manager

Sandy Fitzgibbon


Leyla McTaggart, Ron Lukie, Janos Englert, Jay Stewart

Board of Directors and Executive:


President, Gerry Stoddart 403-238-9715
Past President,  Cam Sylven 403-472-1780
Treasurer,   Toby LaBrie 403-698-1815
Secretary, Shauna Kelly 403-242-2628
V.P. Complex, Brian Peddlar 403-238-2634
V.P. Membership, Barb Yau 403-808-9737
V.P. Social, Marilyn Sharpe 403-870-7600
V.P. Sports, John Killam 403-238-0510
V.P. Fundraiser, vacant  –
V.P.Civic Affairs, Matthew O’Connor 403-837-1695
Board Member, Julie Kearns 403-804-6390
Board Member, Suzanne Burgman 403-277-4123
Board Member, Marty Scholten 403-238-8834
Board Member, Jill Crockett  –

Please see the Community Directory for additional contact information.

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