Civic News

Taza Development – Tsuu T’ina Project

The website for the Taza Development on the Tsuu T’ina has been launched. You can find all information regarding the project below.

South Glenmore Bicycle Pump Track now open

The South Glenmore Bicycle Pump Track opened on Aug. 15th.

For more information on the pump track, visit

Quinterra Legacy Park is now open

The park opened on Sept. 28th.

For more information on the park, please visit:

Oakmore Park Closed for Irrigation Project

The City of Calgary is installing a new irrigation system in the sports fields in Oakridge. The City is trying to ensure that the fields can sustain high use while staying in good condition. To this end, it is installing an irrigation system that will efficiently irrigate the sports fields, to make them more resilient to use by sports teams or others using the space.

Fences have been installed around the fields to ensure the site is safe. The parks water services is located to the east, down the regional pathway. The water line being installed near the pathway, across utilities, by heavy equipment will also mean that the pathway will have to be closed. The project should last until the end of the season, but the city will not keep the pathway closed that long, as it intends to open that up when the pipe is laid and the trench filled in. Parks has also asked the contractor to alter the fence configuration, so that the playground can be accessed from the east, while the rest of the site is fenced.

Pedestrian Bridge in Weaselhead Flats named after former Ward 11 councillor Barry Erskine

The pedestrian bridge in Weaselhead Flats has been named after the former Ward 11 councillor Barry Erskine. The motion was passed on July 20th and the official announcement was made at City Council on July 27th.

“He became a well-known figure advocating for natural environments at a time when it wasn’t popular.,” Ward 7 Councillor Drew Farrell said of her former colleague. “He fought for our parks and pathways. He cared about nature so much, he actually wrote in green ink. He always had green pens with him. He was the one behind the Reader Rock Garden, when it had fallen to ruin. He was able, with the Parks Department, to find the original plans of the original house and he had that house re-built and the Reader Rock Garden restored.

“And Barry was a massive advocate for Weaselhead Flats, so I  think, if he’s watching, I think he would be thrilled with this honour.”

Erskine passed away on Feb. 14, 2019 at the age of 73, due to complications from dementia. He represented Ward 11 – in which Oakridge sits – for 15 years, from 1992 to 2007.