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RioCan development at Glenmore Landing

Much has happened since our July report in the Oakridge Echo and to the OCA Board on this initial ‘Land Use Amendment’ for RioCan’s proposed redevelopment at Glenmore Landing. We have attempted to get the ‘Traffic Impact Analysis’ report as this should detail the anticipated additional congestion during construction and subsequently during ongoing occupation. Unfortunately, this is not yet available. However, Oakridge and other community residents will remember the delays at 90 th Ave and 14 St, during the BRT construction, so this will be important. Our layperson’s assessment is that the access and exit at the 16 St and 90th Avenue will become extremely busy / substantially more congested than it already is and that parking within and external to Glenmore Landing will be more problematic.

As we understand it, RioCan’s is planning for its 3 phased development at Glenmore Landing with 6 towers up to 35 storeys for an anticipated 1600 new residences with up to 3000 new residents. These towers will be almost twice the height of the towers opposite Bay Ridge Drive, at the new traffic lights. We have also learnt that some of the land to be used for the redevelopment was originally designated as Park Land, but then in 2015 changed to Surplus Land. We are trying to understand the City’s process for making this change.

A group of concerned citizens has established the ‘Communities for the Preservation of Glenmore Landing’. David Jacobs gave a brief overview of their findings and displayed an informative ‘Lego’ 3D model of the planned redevelopment and answered questions from the members / residents. More information is available through Glenmore Landing; They should have a website operational around mid-September.

Although the deadline of 6 July for making comments has passed, the City planner is still willing to listen to additional input. If you have any comments, please submit them via or through the Development Map: LOC2023-0130.

You can also contact your Councillor through

Please provide the OCA with a copy your submission so we can help advocate on your behalf.

Southland Crossing – Coop development and construction plans

Demolition of the existing mall is complete. Construction of the new food store will commence shortly with a planned opening for early 2025. Once the new food store is open, Coop will demolish the current food store, and begin the final phase of the project which includes residential development slated to be complete for 2026.

Oakridge Area Projects Update

Some extra pedestrian lights are now installed on 90th Ave and Oakside Gate as well as a posted 40km/hr on Palliser Dr.  We continue to support road calming measures at other pedestrian crossings, such as Palliser Dr and both 29 St and Oakwood Dr as well as Southland Drive and Oakmoor Way where posted speeds are 60 km/hr.

Please also use the City of Calgary 311 line or: to document any road safety or infrastructure issues. The more residents document their concerns, the more likely the City will investigate and address them.

District 32

Our District 32 Meeting #20 was held on Thursday, 8th June 2023 at Cedarbrae community centre. Topics ranged from the RioCan expansion at Glenmore Landing and road safety to ‘Development Permits’ to future LAP issues.

Next meeting is planned at Cedarbrae community centre, Gardenview Room on Thursday, September 28, 2023, 7 PM. If you wish to participate in these planning activities, please contact us at the OCA.

Ward 11 Update Provided Monday September 11, 2023

Below is some information on the RioCan/Glenmore Landing development and Housing Strategy

Housing And Affordability Housing Strategy

The City of Calgary’s refreshed Housing Strategy will be presented for approval at the Community Development Committee Meeting on Sept. 14. Calgarians will have the opportunity to hear about the Strategy and have their say at that meeting. Learn more and sign up to participate at

The Strategy outlines actions we can take to address the housing crisis and remove barriers to housing affordability and economic prosperity. The plan incorporates 33 actions from the Housing and Affordability Task Force which were presented to Council in June, as well as a few new actions to address the broader scope of The City’s role in housing.

*Clarification about land use redesignations:  Approving the housing strategy does NOT change the land use at this time. Approval simply indicates to proceed on exploring this work as part of a refreshed land use bylaw to come before council in 2024 which includes further public engagement. Per the Strategy; “If given direction to implement, there will be a public hearing on rezoning where you can submit comments or address Council.  “

Read Kourtney’s full statement on her website about the Housing and Affordability recommendations as well as the recent Ward 11 newsletter Housing and Affordability update

RioCan Glenmore Landing Redevelopment UPDATE

Thank you to everyone who submitted comments on the proposed RioCan Glenmore Landing Redevelopment and shared those comments with the Ward 11 Office.

The feedback received as part of the engagement process will inform ongoing conversations between Kourtney, the developer, RioCan, and City Administration in acknowledging and addressing the challenges and opportunities of the project.

While the officially submitted comments have not been shared yet, we can state that comments sent to our office thus far relate to such matters as building height, intersection safety, and construction staging timelines.

You can find Kourtney’s responses to these summarized common concerns on the Glenmore Landing Redevelopment project info page of Kourtney’s website as well as on her 15 Minute Friday Live video.

Kourtney will continue to consider community feedback while evaluating the proposal based on its merits and drawbacks, in conjunction with city-wide policies and goals.

As we know more, we will share information with the community as well as update the project info page on Kourtney’s website where you can find current information to date.

Office of Councillor Kourtney Penner – Ward 11

Taza welcomes two car dealerships to new development

Leaders of Tsuut’ina Nation, Taza Development Corp., and members of the Calgary business community officially broke ground on Aug. 31st on Taza’s latest village -Taza Park.

At a celebratory, well-attended and culturally rich ceremony the first shovels broke ground, signifying commencement of construction. Cementing the excitement and historical nature of this event, officials from Tsuut’ina and Taza announced that renowned auto dealerships; Metro Ford and Big 4 Motors will be the first anchor tenants at Taza Park.

Metro Ford and Big 4 Motors have been working diligently with the Nation to incorporate Tsuut’ina history and culture into their properties, setting a new standard for the Taza tenant and Nation relationship.

Executives from the two dealerships were on site demonstrating true partnership as they spoke with one vision and one voice. Both dealerships plan to be open for business by the spring of 2023. They have exemplified Tsuut’ina Nation’s core value of moving forward together.

Taza Park encompasses 530 acres. It is being designed as a dynamic, mixed-use community. Taza Park will provide retail, professional and residential offerings, along with recreation and entertainment destinations.

The Park is just one part of the Taza development. Spanning 1,200 acres, Taza is one of the largest First Nation development projects in North America. With three distinct Villages, its legacy encourages economic prosperity, entrepreneurial spirit and a shared vision for the future. Taza is founded on a set of standards that define an innovative framework to champion Tsuut’ina and all Indigenous communities to further transform and thrive.