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Seniors Initiative Oakridge

With a growing 60+ age segment  in our community we are inviting interest from others  to help explore  how we could better serve them  and their changing needs, allowing them to age in place in a home and community they continue to enjoy. This might comprise developing  fitness activities, educational sessions, social gatherings, and other shared interests. Perhaps building a volunteer base to help with house, yard  and minor repair needs.

On November 7th we had our “Kick off” social event with more than sixty registered to attend and help chart the future of this initiative. We have made an application to form a society, the purpose of which is described as:

“To identify, organize and advocate in meeting the needs of seniors, promote social connections and increase social inclusion among Oakridge seniors by providing programs that are accessible, culturally appropriate, and flexible to respond to needs and interests as they are identified.”

In the near future we plan to have a program of activities in place  and are looking to expand participation of Oakridge  Seniors. Please join our Facebook page – “Oakridge Seniors Initiative”, or contact us by email:  or by phone. (403) 281-4876.

Barry & Jennifer Pendergast

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