Oakridge Crossing

Oakridge crossing

Please use the following link to access the CPC report for the Oakridge Co op DP (page 157):


Please use the following link for the minutes of the meeting (page 16):


In December 2016 a Land Use Amendment application and development permit were submitted to The City of Calgary for 2580 Southland Dr. S.W. (Oakridge Co-op site), in the community of Oakridge.

The applicants want to rezone the property to a Direct Control District. This would facilitate a mixed use development with a total of six new buildings and 266 units and would include a new grocery store, medical building, a multi-residential development and a mixed-use office tower.

Information on the proposed development is available on the project website

as well as on the applicant’s website http://oakridgecrossingyyc.ca/.

A City-led open house was held on February 23, 2017, with over 375 citizens attending. The What We Heard report is now available here . This report highlights the feedback and comments received at the February 2017 open house and via our online survey.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact:

Jarred Friedman, RPP, MCIP

Planner II – Centre West Team

Community Planning

Planning & Development

The City of Calgary

T 403.268.5344


Oakridge Coop Phase 3 Engagement

Calgary Co-op has recently opened their online engagement opportunity on the City’s website. This is Phase Three of their interactions with the Community, and they have made a number of changes in their designs based on feedback they have received. You can review these changes here.

If you follow this link, you will be able to comment directly to the File Manager on a number of topics within the framework. This opportunity is available until the end of August.

For more information about the overall process, please remember my blog has an overview file, about who is responsible for decisions at each level, available here.


Sincerely,  Brian

Brian Pincott Councillor, Ward 11 The City of Calgary Phone: 403-268-5056 Fax:     403-268-8091 Email: ward11@calgary.ca Web:     www.ward11calgary.ca

Oakridge Community Members,

As many of you are aware the Oakridge Calgary CO-OP (CO-OP) is getting a makeover. We have been approached by the developer and CO-OP and have a had chance to review the proposed plans and consider them to be thoughtful to our community’s needs.

As with past issues, we believe that the road to a healthy and cohesive community comes from working together on these types of issues in order to ensure as small of a negative impact to our community as possible. In fact, In many cases these developments become opportunities for our community to grow.

With that in mind, we encourage community members to provide their feedback on the proposed plans. We will compile those suggestions and send them to the city, the developers and CO-OP.

We have already highlighted issues that we think may cause problems down the road and delivered them to the city as well as the developer.

Those issues are:

  • Being mindful of traffic at the intersection of 24th street and Oakmoor Drive, SW.
  • Ensure no shadowing on the residences around the proposed development.
  • Keeping access open for residents during construction.

We have received positive responses to our concerns and believe that our relationship with CO-OP and the developers to be a good one.

Learn more about the project here: http://oakridgecrossingyyc.ca/

Provide your feedback to the Oakridge Community Association Board of Directors here: oakridgecrossingoca@gmail.com

With sincere regards,

Matthew O’Connor, VP Civic Affairs

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